The character type liquid crystal display module is a dot matrix liquid crystal display module specifically for displaying letters, numbers, symbols, and the like. It is divided into 4-bit and 8-bit data transmission methods. Provides a 5×7 dot matrix + cursor display mode. A display data buffer generator CGRAM is provided, and CGRAM can be used to store font data of up to eight 5×8 dot matrix graphic characters defined by itself. Provides a wealth of command settings: clear display; cursor back to origin; display on / off; cursor on / off; display character flicker; cursor shift; display shift. An internal power-on automatic reset circuit is provided. When the external power supply voltage exceeds +4.5V, the module is automatically initialized and the module is set to the default display working state. The display content is 4 lines, each line displays 16 characters, and each character size is 5×8 dot matrix. Character generator RAM can be customized according to customer needs, in Japanese, Russian and other 12 different countries. The liquid crystal display module (LCM) has LCD colors of yellow-green, blue, and gray for customers to choose from. The backlight color of the LCD module is yellow-green, orange, white, red, emerald, and blue, which can be selected by customers. The use and storage temperature are: normal temperature (operating temperature 0 ~ +50 ° C, storage temperature -10 ~ +60 ° C); wide temperature (operating temperature -20 ~ +70 ° C, storage temperature -30 ~ +80 ° C); Temperature (working temperature -30 ~ +80 ° C, storage temperature -40 ~ +80 ° C), for customers to choose.