7inch 800×480 tft lcd module display

MCU interface
Supports 8-bit or 16-bit 8080 or 6800 parallel port interfaces.
Support 3 - line or 4 - line SPI serial interface.
Support I2C serial interface.
According to the memory
Built in 128Mb of display memory.
The serial flash memory
On board 128Mb Serial Flash.
Display color data format
16bpp: color RGB 5:6:5 (2bytes/ pixel).
24bpp: color RGB 8:8:8 (3bytes/ pixel or 4bytes/ pixel).
Panel interface and resolution
WVGA: 800*480 *16/18/24bits TFT screen
Display function
Support user can define 4 graphic cursors of 32*32.
Virtual display: the virtual display can display images larger than the LCD panel size, so that the image can easily scroll in any direction.
Provide PIP display: support two PIP window areas: the enabled PIP window is displayed on the upper layer of the main window, and the PIP1 window is displayed on the upper layer of the PIP2 window.
Supports multiple display functions: it can switch the main display window between the display buffer to achieve simple animation display effect.
Support wake up quickly display image function.
Support mirror and rotate, vertical and horizontal flip display function.
Color Bar Display: it can be displayed as a ribbon without writing data to the internal Display memory. The default resolution is 640*480 pixels.
Block transfer engine (BitBLT)
Built in 2D BitBLT engine.
Provides copy image function with raster operation.
Provides color depth conversion.
Solid filling and pattern filling functions:
Provide user-defined 8*8 images or 16*16 images.
Two images can be combined into one image:
Chroma-keying: blend image with specified RGB color based on transparency
Graphics mixed transparent mode (Window Alpha - Blending) : according to the specified area transparency in a mixture of two images.
Mixed pixels transparent mode (Dot Alpha - Blending) : according to the RGB format and transparency in a mixture of two images.
Geometric accelerator
Drawing point, line, curve, ellipse, triangle, rectangle, rounded rectangle and so on.
Display text function
Built-in ISO/IEC 8859-1/2/4/5 8*16, 12*24, 16*32 fonts.
Support user custom half type Angle and full type (8*16, 12*24, 16*32, 36*72).
Provides a programmable text cursor.
Supports vertical and horizontal enlarged fonts (*1, *2, *3, *4).
Supports 90 degree rotation of text.
Matrix keyboard
Provide programmable 5*5 matrix keyboard interface.
Support long key and repeat key function.
Provide button wake
Power saving mode
Standby, Suspend and Sleep modes.
Support MCU, key to wake up.
Built - in programmable PLL, provides internal clock, external LCD clock, internal display memory clock.
Reset the way
Provide power start reset, external hardware reset and software command reset.
The power supply
VDD voltage: 5.0v +/ -0.3v.
Built in 1.8v LDO.
Working temperature
- 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.  -20℃~70℃。

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